Zoom Guide

Zoom Guide

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, WIMS 2020 is going virtual. Authors of accepted papers will provide pre-recorded video presentations. Moreover, all online sessions will be held using the Zoom Application.

Each participant needs to install Zoom on her/his computer, tablet, or mobile device. Links to each sessions will be provided soon and participants will be able to access the conference sessions via the provided Zoom links.

We detail here the installation guide for Zoom, and some startup tutorials.

Zoom Installation Guide

  • Download the Zoom Application: Link
  • We highly recommend the Zoom extension for browsers (Chrome & Firefox) for easy access to sessions via links/google calendar invites
  • Follow the straightforward instructions for the installation of Zoom on the platform of your choice

Joining A Meeting

During the conference, authors will only join sessions (i.e., zoom meetings) via the links provided by the organising committee. The following video presents the guide to joining Zoom meetings.

Zoom Meeting Controls

The following video presents the guide to Zoom meeting controls.

Zoom User Interface

Capture d’écran 2020-06-12 à 00.49.31
  1. Mute or unmute your microphone
  2. Start or stop your video feed
  3. Invite participants to the meeting
  4. Manage or view a list of meeting participants
  5. Share your screen
  6. Open the Chat window
  7. Record the meeting
  8. Leave the meeting
  9. Video Area